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Presseakkreditierung Festival Haltestelle Woodstock 2015

Hier gibt es das Online-Formular für Presseakkreditierungen für das Festival Haltestelle Woodstock 2015. Auf der Seite einfach „English“ anklicken. Die Akkreditierungen werden bis zum 20. Juli 2015 (Montag) angenommen.

Bandbewerbungen. Festival Haltestelle Woodstock 2015

Would you like to become a part of Europe’s biggest summer festival? Send your demo or album to Woodstock Festival Poland 2015. If you’re lucky, your band may receive an invitation to play on the festival’s Main Stage or Second Stage. We will be waiting for your Woodstock Preliminaries applications until the end of February. Please send them to the following address:

Woodstock Preliminaries Application

Woodstock Festival Poland 2015

ul. Dominikańska 19c

02-738 Warszawa



The Woodstock Preliminaries are divided into two parts, one for Polish entrants and one for international ones. On March 10, a selection of Polish bands will be invited to take part in a series of concerts which will help us select the winner. International winners, also announced on March 10, will be invited straight to Woodstock Festival Poland.

*The winners will be contacted by the organizer

You can find a full list of applicants for the 2015 edition of the Woodstock Preliminaries HERE



THE BREW – the international winner of the 2014 Woodstock Preliminaries, Main Stage VIEW

SHATA QS – the Polish winner of the 2014 Woodstock Preliminaries, Main Stage VIEW

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE – Musexpo 2013, Los Angeles VIEW

THESE REIGINING DAYS – Musexpo 2013, Los Angeles VIEW

KIRIL DZJAIKOVSKI– Central East European Talent Exchange Program 2013 VIEW

This year’s CANAILLES and SCARECROW, MaMa 2014, Paris, will play our Second Stage. That’s what this stage looked like a year ago: VIEV



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